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Linux on ... CDC Columbus 6036DW

A tiny review and installation report for CDC Columbus 6036DW Subnotebook (lightweight laptop branded and produced in Italy by CDC ). I have some reason to believe that you can find the same (or very similar) laptop outside Italy too.. eg: my machine has a very very close resemblance to the LC2100 model from LinuxCertified. Take a look to the photos ad hardware specs to make up your own mind.

NB: This is a untrusworthy translation of the italian document :-)
Full report is available in Italian.

Italian version here


News section (IT)
Photo Gallery



Read my lspci output

Read my lshw output


This is unfinished.. but if you want a quick abstract, here you are:
.. it works!!
And, strange enough (but it shouldn't sound strange), it really works out of the box.
Details in the italian version, and full translation to come (maybe).
Here you'll find more links and some .conf from my linuxbox.

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